What is the Biggest Problem Facing the US?
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Today I asked the group: What is the biggest problem facing the United States? Here’s what they said:

Micheal Divita (Vocals): Millions of Americans suffer from drug addiction including Opiods and Alcohol as well as many other drugs. Native American Reservations are among the hardest hit by the epidemic. Why doesn’t this make it into major campaign platforms?

Caleb Trowbridge (Drums): There is a big problem with a lack of open mindedness as well as a general lack of empathy. It is incredibly difficult for Americans to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Mikel Lomsky (Guitar): There is a lack of presence within our society. Our people are obsessed with being constantly entertained whether it be cell phones or social media, people are not present in their own lives.

Jon Fahr (Bass): Donald Trump is more of a symptom of a growing problem and less of an actual problem himself. There is a collective ignorance within our country and its the reason why someone like Trump could get elected.

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Andrew Stahl
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